1. Preamble

Fellowship of the Indian Pharmaceutical Association (IPA) is an honor awarded to a member of the Association who has made distinguished / outstanding contribution to Pharmacy profession and the activities of IPA. The IPA Fellowship is awarded on the recommendation of the Selection Committee, a specially constituted body based on the evaluation of biographical profile of the nominated member. Revised Guidelines on the Fellowship Award are given below:


2 Selection Committee

2.1 The President with the approval of the CEC shall appoint a Chairman and constitute a Selection Committee consisting of seven (7) members from amongst the Fellows, which shall include the immediate past President of IPA and the Hon. Gen. Secretary of the Association.
2.2 The term of the Selection Committee will be for two years from April 2004.
2.3 The Hon. Gen. Secretary of IPA shall be the Member Secretary and shall assist the Chairman and the Selection Committee in organizing and performing his / her duties.

3 Eligibility Criteria for Fellowship Award

3.1 The nominee should be a Member of the IPA continuously for Fifteen years or more and in addition shall meet one or more of the following criteria.
3.1.1 The nominee has made outstanding contribution in any field of Pharmacy namely Research, Education, Community Pharmacy, Hospital Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacy, Drug Management, Regulatory control, Industrial Pharmacy etc.
3.1.2 Nominee has served as an Office Bearer on the Central Council or State / Local Branch Council or Divisional Committee of the IPA. (e.g. President, Vice- President, Hon. Gen. Secretary, Treasurer, Editors of IPA publications or a member of the Executive Council of IPA at Central or at State / Local Branch level for at least Four years.)
3.1.3 The nominee has been a delegate or representative of the IPA on any Government Statutory Body / Committee, or fraternal organizations such as IPCA, PCI, DTAB, etc.
3.1.4 The nominee has actively participated as an Office Bearer either in holding Annual Pharmaceutical Congress, Sessions, Conventions, Seminars, Symposia, Workshops, Exhibitions, Training programs organized by the IPA, or in association with fraternal international organizations like CPA, FAPA, FIP, PDA, AAPS, WHO etc.
3.1.5 Nominee has served as Convener, Chairman or Faculty member at programs organized by IPA or its Divisions.
3.2 The CEC may review the Eligibility Criteria every four years or as and when necessary.

4 Nomination Procedure

4.1 Each year, in April / May issue of Pharma Times the Hon. Gen. Secretary shall publish a NOTICE inviting nominations from the Members of the Association for Fellowship Awards as per the guidelines given there under. The Notice inviting nominations shall also be published on the IPA website. Eligibility Criteria given under clause 3.0 shall be a part of the Notice.
4.2 Any IPA Member (Ordinary / Life) of good standing of at least Fifteen years or a previously elected Fellow is entitled to propose in a year not more than one person for Fellowship Award who meets the Eligibility Criteria laid down under clause 3.0. 4.3 The nomination shall be submitted in the prescribed format (Appendix-I)* along with a statement of justification (not more than one A4 size paper using font size not smaller than 12 based on his / her personal knowledge / verification of the supporting information. The Proposal shall be sent to the Hon. Gen. Secretary of the IPA.
4.4 Two other members of IPA having at least Fifteen years of standing in the Association shall support the nomination. Either the nominator or at least one of the supporters shall be a Fellow of the IPA. The President and the Office Bearers of the Association and the Chairman and the Members of the Selection Committee are not entitled to propose or support a nomination.

5. Selection Procedure

5.1  The Hon. Gen. Secretary shall send copies of all nominations received to all members of the Selection Committee to evaluate nominations by 30th July. The Selection Committee members while evaluating the nominations shall also consider the justifications received from nominator and supporting members, and shall send the Evaluation Report in the prescribed format (Annexure-II) separately for each nomination, to the Chairman of the Selection Committee. The evaluation reports should reach IPA headquarters by 20th August.
5.2  The Hon. Gen. Secretary in consultation with the Chairman of the Selection Committee shall convene a meeting of the Selection Committee by 15th September for making final selection / recommendations for the Fellowship Awards.
5.3  he Selection Committee shall recommend a maximum of Five (5) persons for the Fellowship Award per year. The decision of the committee will be final.
5.4  The Chairman of the Selection Committee shall inform the names of the persons for Fellowship award to the President of IPA by a letter. If the President of IPA is not in agreement with the recommendations of the Selection Committee he may request the Selection Committee, (giving reasons in writing), to reconsider their decision. The President of IPA shall announce the names of Awardees at the meeting of the CEC to be held in September / October.

6 Fellowship Award

6.1  Following the action listed under 5.4, the Chairman of the Selection Committee shall communicate to the Awardees, simultaneously informing the nominator and also the concerned State/Local Branch secretariat.
6.2  The Fellowship Award shall include
Fellowship Certificate
The Memento and
The Scroll
6.3  The Fellowship Award may be presented to the Awardees at the Fellows Dinner Function specially organized for the purpose normally held in December at IPC. In case where an Awardee is unable to attend the function, the Certificate, the memento and the scroll will be sent to the respective Branch office of the IPA with a request to present the prestigious Fellowship Award to the Awardee/s at an appropriate function organized by the Branch. Alternatively it may be sent by mail / courier to an Awardee if he/she so desires.

7 Explanatory Notes

7.1  A nominator may ask the IPA Secretariat to confirm membership status of the nominee before nomination papers are submitted to the IPA office.
7.2  Self-nomination is not permitted. Nomination proposed or seconded by a family member also will not be considered and shall be rejected.
7.3  The decision as announced by the President shall be final, conclusive and binding. NO correspondence will be entertained nor any clarification will be furnished to the nominator and / or nominee.
7.4  The nomination papers need not include a consent letter or acceptance letter from nominee. Biographical Profile and details of the achievements and distinguished contributions made by the nominee shall be furnished in the prescribed format (Appendix-I).
7.5  The Hon. Gen. Secretary of IPA reserves the right to obtain any clarification, either directly from the nominee or from the respective Branch President or any of the organization with whom the nominee is said to be connected, to verify any of the information furnished with the nomination.
7.6  A supporting letter from the concerned Branch President / Secretary may help the Panel to assess the nominations. However, such a letter is not essential.
7.7  Any nomination not considered for the Award will not be returned to the nominator. However, the nominator may submit the nomination papers for reconsideration of the Panel after a period of two years since last submission giving information and justification afresh.
7.8  The Selection Committee shall be the final authority to recommend or reject any nomination for Fellowship Award.
7.9  Nomination not made in the prescribed format will be summarily rejected.

Please forward the nomination of an eligible candidate in the prescribed format on or before 30th September

Recipients of Fellowship Award

1994Dr R. S. Baichwal
Dr. J. N. Banerjee
Dr. Mohan Bazaz
Dr. Diptish Chakravarty
Dr. P. C. Dandiya
Dr. P. Das Gupta
Prof. B. K. Gupta
Dr. Prem Kumar Gupta
Mr. M. L. Ghorawat
Dr. A.K. Kapadia
Dr. P. M. Naik
Mr. Devinder Pal
Mr. Ramanbhai Patel
Dr. G. B. Ramasarma
Mr. P. D. Sheth
Dr. A. V. Shirodkar
Dr. P. G. Shritriya
Dr. Harkishan Singh
Dr. Parvinder Singh
Dr. B. N. Thakore
Dr. D. Visweswaram
1995Dr.(Mrs) M. R. Baichwal
Mr. S.N. Desai
Dr. J. B. Dave
Mr. A.I. Metha
Dr. (Mrs) Manjusree Pal
Prof. K. Sampath
1996Mr. G. R. Asrani
Mr. O.P. Gupta
Dr. J.K. Lalla
Mr. S. Laskar
Dr. C. Gopalakrishna Murty
Dr. V. A. Padval
Dr. M. R. Patel
1998Mr. A. R. Bhattacharya
Mr. K. S. Desai
Dr. R. N. Gupta
Prof. E. V. Rao
Dr. M. N. Vora
1999Prof. C.K.Kokate
Dr. S.C. Mandal
Mr. S. N. Mukherjee
Dr. S.S. Nagarsenker
Dr. D.B.A. Narayana
Dr. M. K. Raina
Mr. S. Rajkondawar
Mr. P. V. N. Raju
Mr. Brijesh Regal
Mr. R. Thiruvengadam
2000Dr. M.D. Burande
Dr. M.R. Shastri
Dr. Rao V.S.V..Vadlamudi
Prof. K. Chinnaswamy
Mr. S.P. Priolkar
Dr. Prakash Mody
Dr. B.P. Shah
Dr. B. Suresh
Dr. C.L. Kaul.
2001Dr. Amarjit Singh
Dr. B.K. Moza
Dr. H.P. Tipnis
Dr. P.K. Mukherjee
Prof. R.K. Khar
Mr. S.R. Majumdar
Dr. S.B.Rijhwani
Prof. V.M. Kulkarni
Prof. F.V. Manvi
Prof. B.G. Nagavi
Prof. V.B. Desai
Mr. S.D. Joag.
2002r. S. P. Adeshara
Mr. R. S. Durve
Dr. Sanjay Garg
Prof. R. S. Gaud
Mr. D. A. Gundu Rao
Dr. N. K. Gurbani
Mr. Venkat Jasti
Dr. S. K. Kulkarni
Prof. R.S.R. Murthy
r. Raojibhai Patel
Mr. Loknath Pramanik
Dr. M. Venkateswarlu
Mr. G.D. Zalani
2003Dr. Dushyant R. Patel
Dr. Vijay K. Kapoor
Dr. Pradeep R. Vavia
Mr. S. L. Nasa
2004Mr. M. Seshgiri Rao
Mr. Rajubhai R. Shah
Mr. Narsinha R. Deshpande
2005Mr. Pankaj Patel
Dr.(Mrs) Renukaa Datla
Mr. Ram Banarse
Prof. T.V. Narayana
2006Prof. Raveendrananthan Nair
Prof. P. Suresh
Mr. S.S. Sardesai
2007Mr. Raj Vaidya
Mr. Mohan Kekatpure
Dr. Tulsi Chakraborty
2008Mr. Vinod Kalani
Dr. N. Uduppa
Mr. J.A.S. Giri
Prof. Mahadik Kakasaheb Ramoo
2009Prof. K.P.R. Chowdary
Prof. T.K. Ravi
Dr. H.G. Shivakumar
2011Dr. Prakash V. Diwan
Dr. P. Khadgapathi
Dr. M.N. Saraf
Dr. J.B. Dave
Dr. Divakar Goli
2012Dr. Vijay Bambulkar
2013Dr. Pramod G. Yeole
Dr. Kalyani Divakar
Mr. Salim Veljee
Mrs. Manjiri Gharat
2014Dr. B. Jaykar
Dr. Mukti Pada Rana
Mr. Y. Veeranaryana Gowda
2015Dr. M.D. Karvekar
Dr. K.R. Premnath Sheony
2016Dr. Shailendra Saraf
Dr. Alka Mukne
Dr. B.N. Sinha
2017S.V. Veerramani
Atul Nasa
Dr. S. Vidyadhara
2018Mr. J. Jayaseelan
Mr. T. Sathish
Dr. A. Ramkishan
Dr. Atmaram Pawar
Dr. Bhupinder Singh Bhoop